TRIAS Grammar School Elsterberg

Sport with a difference

The Swing dance school was again allowed to hold a trial lesson at the TRIAS schools in Elsterberg.

On Wednesday, the schedule for grades 8g, 8 and 9 was slightly changed.

The students showed some reluctance, although math was also cancelled (which will be made up, of course).

It was to be different. All students participated very actively in the first steps of Foxtrot and other dances together. They had fun doing it and many also wanted to sign up for dance lessons.

On Monday, 23.01.23, at 15.15 clock, the course began in the gymnasium of the school center "Wolfram Markert". It will certainly be a great event for the students and then also of the parents when they see their children dancing to the prom in the festival hall Plauen.

Have fun and many thanks to the dance school Swing from Plauen.

A-K Groom

Physical education teacher at TRIAS schools

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