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Student Council

Helping to shape the school itself

Within the framework of student participation, students are given the opportunity to help shape the life and teaching of their school. The students are supported by the principal, teachers and parents.

From grade 5 onwards, the students of each grade elect a class student representative and his/her deputy from among their number immediately after the start of the school year. The class representatives represent the interests of the students in their class in all matters concerning the school and teaching. (Excerpt from: Saxon School Law)

The most important tasks of the class representatives

  • Represent the interests of the students
  • mediate in case of problems with teachers
  • Represent the classes to the outside world

The rights of the student council

  • Right to student representation
  • Right to attend student council meetings
  • Right to information
  • Mediation right
  • Right to be heard
  • Right of proposal
  • Right of appeal
  • Right to one "class representative hour" per month
  • Right to student assembly

The tasks of the student council

  • Participation in the student council
  • Participation in the school conference
  • Representation of school interests of the students
  • Duty to inform
  • Assistance in resolving conflicts/ duty to mediate
  • Election of the liaison teacher

Representation 2022/23

School student representatives in the school year 2022/23

Felix mushroom

Pupils of trust in the school year 2022/23

Maxi Förster & Felix Heidemann

Class representatives in the school year 2022/23

Class 5g: Cherie Voitel
Class 6g: Maximilian Müller
Class 7g: Phillip Möckel
Class 8g: Mathilda Tomandl

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