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Info about school transport

School transportation is very well regulated by the Vogtlandkreis. The Zweckverband Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr Vogtland is responsible.

All organizational and technical tasks, starting with application processing and approval, organization of transportation, school route safety, cooperation with the school authorities, transport authorities, road authorities and other public bodies, are in the hands of the special-purpose association.

The applications, forms, statutes and further information can be found on the website below. These apply to all students of the Vogtlandkreis.

Contact to Zweckverband ÖPNV Vogtland
Responsible body for school transport
Göltzschtalstraße 16
08209 Auerbach

Phone: 03744 8302-199
Visit website

School transportation is also provided by another company and our SIS buses

PRG Personen- und Reiseverkehr Greiz
Geraer Straße 7
07973 Greiz / OT Gommla

Phone: 03661 70650

Our sponsor now has 4 modern minibuses in use within a radius of almost 20 kilometers to enable our pupils to attend our school.

If you have any questions, please contact our school administrator, Mr. Zeller.

Phone: 036621/29111

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