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After class

Our school shreds!

When school takes a back seat, we also like to experiment. We have put together some video insights for you.

Video Insights

Cooking show

We easily put Tim Mäh and Co in the shade. When Mr. Klose and Mr. Nocht start cooking, the stomach starts churning.


And if you still haven't had enough, you'll get it in your ears.

Biology lessons

We kids are sooo great, we don't really need the teachers.


Well, maybe they do. After all, they offer us a great range of all-day programs that are sure to start up again soon.


But we can also really blow off steam during sports!


Read Romeo and Juliet? Have you ever recited it or even acted it out?
If you have forgotten the text, you can also read it again in our "Schmökerhöhle".

Ethics Cabinet

Is that still ethically justifiable?


And class trips and excursions also take place in many subjects. For example, we were recently in Zwickau at the exhibition BOOM.

Language diversity

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